Lane Kiffin – Texas Tech player spat, possibly used a racial slur

HOUSTON — Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin said a Texas Tech player spat at one of his players and may have used a racial slur Wednesday night at the TaxAct Texas Bowl.

A melee between the teams occurred after Ole Miss’ Dayton Wade fumbled early in the fourth quarter and Texas Tech recovered. There was some jostling between the players, and Ole Miss wide receiver Jordan Watkins was given a personal foul penalty.

After the game, which Ole Miss lost 42-25, Kiffin said the penalty should have gone to Texas Tech’s Dimitri Moore, who is the Red Raiders’ No. 11, instead of Watkins, who wears the No. ° 11 for Ole Miss.

“They’re announcing our 11, which is Jordan Watkins, who wasn’t in the fight. It was their 11 that was fighting 71 [Ole Miss lineman Jayden Williams]and everyone knew it because their own coaches were yelling at the guy,” Kiffin said.

“There was a racial slur involved; that’s not the point of what we’re talking about, [it’s] about the spitting part. I brought our own 71 to the officials, right or wrong, see him cry? He’s not crying, not because he got spat on, it’s because something was said.”

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