The 3 zodiac signs with approximate monthly horoscopes from January 2023

As we all know, good intentions sometimes start with a few tough times, and as it stands, there will be three zodiac signs with approximate monthly horoscopes in January. They feel they need help to start our new year off right.

January transits are stellar and inhibitory; we all start out with the best of intentions and incredible energy to support our enthusiastic outlook, but life hasn’t caught up with us.

The beginning of January brings us the Moon in conjunction with Uranus, which could not be associated with “big first steps”. For some zodiac signs in astrology here today, we’re looking at plans that went wrong because our timing wasn’t right.

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Mars and Mercury are retrograde right now. So, it makes sense that collectively we struggle to achieve certain external goals. Worse still, we may feel angry with ourselves for being uninspired. In this, we disappoint ourselves in January simply because we are competing with the rest of the world, and in our heads we think they are all “winners”.

What’s going on here is jealousy. For those who are more relaxed about starting the year, we may look at others with resentment, thinking they’ve already jumped on things. Their efforts make us think we are lazy.

And then everything does an about-turn on January 12, when the Martian stations head in.

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